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Observing Clubs and Special Interest Groups
  • Astronomical League Observing Clubs  ( 2 items )

    While observing itself is a great goal, learning and being recognized for your accomplishments makes it even better.  To help you learn and stay motivated, the Astronomical League has developed several Observing Clubs which recognize you for observing and recording thousands of different astronomical objects.  You can earn certificates and pins for your efforts.  And because Astronomical League membership is included in NEFAS membership, all our members have to do is pick a club and start observing!

  • Messier Marathoners  ( 2 items )

    The Messier Marathon was invented (or discovered) independently by several amateur astronomers and clubs in the 1970's. To attempt this feat of observational proficiency, you must have excellent sky conditions, an ideal observing site, a trusty telescope, and (most importantly) strong observing skills