Star Party at Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park hosted by the Northeast Florida Astronomical Society [NEFAS]

Get ready to see stars, planets, the Moon, and interesting sky objects — and our Sun!

NEFAS will be there for three whole days! The general public is invited and most welcome!

Location:  Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park 6239 State Rd 21, Keystone Heights, FL 32656, USA

Fees: Sign up for camp site at for Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park. Event is from Friday Aug 30 to Sept 2nd

Limit your use of vehicle headlights whenever possible during stargazing hours.  Bring red lights if you have them.

There are restrooms, water fountain, but few lights.  You may wish to bring a flashlight for the restrooms.  Consider bug spray in case it is needed, but be mindful of any insecticide overspray that may reach telescope equipment and apply in another location.

All NEFAS volunteers bring their personal stargazing and camping equipment and will instruct guests how to look at the sky objects safely without damage.  Adults may need to assist children.

If you are considering purchasing a telescope this is an opportunity to examine several different types and sizes of telescope – ask lots of questions!

If you are having trouble with your own telescope, bring it along and one of our Telescope Doctors will take a look at it.

Sometimes cloudy conditions make it unfeasible to stargaze.  NEFAS members WILL BE AVAILABLE regardless of inclement weather (Unless it snows!)

We hope to see you there!