Special Mercury Transit at Hanna Park hosted by the Northeast Florida Astronomical Society [NEFAS]

Special daytime event for the transit of Mercury across the face of our sun! See our story on the news: click here! We will be at Hanna Park for this event hosted by the Northeast Florida Astronomical Society [NEFAS] with the proper equipment to safely view the sun.

Get ready to see a rare event that happens only 13 times a century! This will be the first transit of the planet since May 2016, and the last until November 2032, which won’t be fully visible by North America. The next fully North American visible Mercury transit will not occur until May 2049!

The general public is invited and most welcome!

Location: Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, 500 Wonderwood Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32233

Find NEFAS in Parking Lot #8.

Hanna Park entry fee is $5 per car. You must have paid and entered NO EARLIER THAN 7:00 AM when the gate entrance is opened for this special event. There will not be re-entry once you leave the park.

There are restrooms and a water fountain. Consider bug spray in case it is needed, but be mindful of any insecticide over-spray that may reach telescope equipment and apply in another location.

All NEFAS volunteers will be bringing their personal solar viewing equipment and will instruct guests how to look at the sky objects safely and without damage to themselves or the equipment. Adults may need to assist children.

If you are considering purchasing a telescope this is an opportunity to examine several different types and sizes of telescopes – ask lots of questions!