What is NEFAS?

NEFAS, or the Northeast Florida Astronomical Society, is an organization of amateur astronomers who live, serve and observe in Northeast Florida. We operate primarily in Jacksonville, Florida and its surrounding communities. Our membership rolls are currently over 150 strong. We are a “non-profit organization expanding horizons through education and observation.”

Non-Profit Status

NEFAS is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the State of Florida. We file our 501(c)3 paperwork each year as required by law.  You may download a copy of our bylaws here.

What Does NEFAS Do?

Basically, NEFAS does astronomical observing. We hold at least three observing sessions per month (as weather permits) and these are all open to the public. We also have groups of members who focus on ATM (amatuer telescope making) and astrophotography. We hold a general meeting once a month at the FSCJ Kent Campus, where we present a speaker or multimedia presentation. This meeting is also open to the public. Our board of directors meets on the first Monday of every month to handle all club business. B.O.D. meetings are open only to current NEFAS members.

What is the Primary Goal of NEFAS?

We have several. First and foremost, our members love astronomy, and we constantly strive to create opportunities where we can get out and observe. We learn a great deal from each other, and have a fun time doing it.

Second, since we have such a love of astronomy, we naturally want to spread that around the community. Through our public observing sessions we like to impress upon people (particularly young people) what a wonderful, fun, exciting hobby this can be. It combines all the things that capture people’s minds: Technology, space and science.

Can I Get NEFAS to Come to My School, Scout Group, or Organization?

NEFAS members make themselves available for schools, scout troops, and other non-profit organizations throughout the year. We get many requests and we try to honor them all. We can arrange for either a speaker on an astronomy-related topic, or a group of members with telescopes for an observing session. For daytime observing, we have several members who can provide safe solar observing. There is no charge to a non-profit or educational organization for our services.

NEFAS is available for private or commercial organizations as well.  Observing can be coordinated with a particular theme, and we provide plenty of knowledgeable members to answer questions. Contact us at info@nefas.org for more information.

Want to Make a Donation?

If you would like to help support NEFAS, but don't wish to become a member, you may use the button below to make a one-time contribution of $5. Thank you in advance for your contribution.